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Clarabridge Takes Over Miami This Month With C3

April 17, 2014 0 Comments

The Clarabridge Customer Connections (C3) User Conference will be held this month in Miami from April 28th to April 30th. This is the fifth year for the event. If you manage your company’s social media presence, you may wish to attend and see how Clarabridge and their partners can provide solutions to help you succeed in a world where people are talking about your company and brand(s) online across the globe and in potentially huge numbers.

Customer Experience Managers from many of the largest companies use Clarabridge’s leading analytic solutions to “listen” and act on what people are saying about their companies and brands online.

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Clarabridge, Event, Social Media
Marketing to the New "Digital Elite" Traveler

April 16, 2014 0 Comments

As I was sitting recently in the airport anxiously awaiting my flight, I casually watched a young couple pull a variety of portable electronic devices from a carry-on in a futile attempt to pacify their two young children. Between the four of them, they easily had five, possibly more, devices between them. I visually counted a laptop, two mobile phones, a tablet and a portable game device. I quickly realized that the days of packing a book, magazine or even a coloring book or two for in-transit entertainment are long gone. It seems we are more connected to our screens these days than to each other.

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Hotel and Hospitality Translation
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Best Practices for Managing Translation Workflows

April 14, 2014 0 Comments

Translation is both an art and a science, as you may know, so there can and will be differences in opinion when it comes to style and certain terminology. For that reason, I encourage you to follow the correct translation workflows in order to ensure a successful deliverable.

What is the target audience and what are the main characteristics of their culture? The target language is not all you need to know regarding the audience who will be reading or listening to your translation. It is extremely important that you define the target market in which your translation will be used.

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Document Translation
Translation Services, Translation Workflow, Translation Agency
Culture and E-Business in the United Kingdom (UK)

April 10, 2014 0 Comments

The United Kingdom (UK) is a market full of consumers who have readily adapted to the online world and e-Commerce. Globalization Partners International has recently updated our country research reports. There are 11 in total, including a report on the UK. Each is full of relevant details to understand the local consumer, where they can be found online and how you can find them.

If you wish to be successful in marketing to the UK consumer, there are many factors to consider. This blog post will provide highlights of our recent whitepaper report on understanding the nature of the UK market and its cultural values to help you achieve the best results as you enter and do business in the United Kingdom.

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Country Specific
Culture, ebusiness, UK, Localization
Guide to DotNetNuke 7 Internationalization

April 09, 2014 0 Comments

DotNetNuke is one of the top online communities of Web Content Management. DNN is an open source platform based on Microsoft .Net and thus, makes use of all rich built-in internationalization and localization features of this technology. Over the years, DNN shows high flexibility regarding third-party module integration which is considered a significant advantage in comparison to other platforms.

As DNN is fully built using Microsoft .Net framework, internationalization and localization can smoothly follow the same rules of .Net framework. A web site has always two types of content: static and dynamic. Static content is the text that appears for example in buttons and labels such as Submit, Cancel, Error Messages and so on.

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Content Management Systems
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It Came, It Happened, It Conquered - Adobe Summit 2014!

April 07, 2014 0 Comments

I had a great few days in Salt Lake City, Utah last week attending The Adobe Summit 2014.

The conference sold out city hotels with an attendance of over 6,500 people. I am not sure how the town will support the conference attendees next year.

The Summit is a great opportunity to hear case studies from actual clients using the Adobe solutions and that of its partners. The Adobe technical staff and customer teams are also at the conference in force to provide their expertise to the many benefits their comprehensive solution offers.

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