Heba Nady

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Heba Nady


Localization Project Manager

What I enjoy writing about

Arabic translation and localization, Project management, Strategic management, Arabic culture and literature


Reading, Traveling and site-seeing, Attending musical concerts, Cooking, Participating in charity activities

Favorite quotes

"Do not live Half a life .. Do not die a Half death .. Do not accept Half a solution .. do not believe Half truths .. do not dream Half a dream .. do not fantasize about Half hopes .. Half the way will get you no where .. Half an idea will bear you no results .. The Half is a mere moment of inability .. but .. you are able .. for you are not Half a being .. you are a Whole that exists to live a Life .. not Half a life." By Khalil Gibran.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.", By Benjamin Franklin

Favorite books

Mitch Albom Novels, The Alchemist for Paulo Coelho, The Picture of Dorian Grey for Oscar Wilde

My top vacation destinations

Dahab, Hurghada, White desert

Favorite meals

Italian white creamy chicken, Sweet and sour chicken, Spring rolls, White chocolate

Reach me

Direct: +20-100-128-0914
US Toll Free: 866-272-5874


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