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May 29, 2012

As a part of a team of translation project managers, translators and other language professionals we are exposed to a lot of interesting resources as we go about our day-to-day job of helping companies with their global language and technology needs. So after some time, we decided to collect these resources and have made them easily available through our website useful links and through our Translation Services Portal at ( In an upcoming series of blogs, we will be featuring 6 links each month, one from each category, in order to highlight these useful resources!

If you are looking for information about international markets, global trade, e-business, educational resources, publications and global trade tools, these resources may help.  We have detailed the resources in the following categories:

Publications: These are sites for global trade publications such as The Economist and World Association of Newspapers.resources-icon_Global-resources

Tools: These are sites including currency converters and world clocks to maps and measurements.

International Business: These are sites ranging from the European Commission to World Trade Center

Trade Policy Information: These are informational sites on trade policies such as the World Trade Organization and Federal Trade Commission.

International Institutions: Sites for institutions ranging from the Africa Development Bank to the United Nations

Educational and Library: These are sites for universities, academic organizations and libraries.

In addition to the above list of useful sites, we have also published a series of reports on Website Globalization and e-Business.  These reports are a collection of language, culture and website globalization facts by country.  The newly updated reports for 2012 are available in PDF format and are free to download at: Website Globalization and E-Business Series

The reports have tips and information on e-business, website translation and web consumers in the various countries. These papers also have nice link libraries with useful sites and resources by country.

GPI Language Translation Tools

For today, the best approach for both providers and buyers language services is to build solutions that incorporate enterprise-wide language AND technology strategies. Utilizing tools like Google Translate, correct application of Translation Memory (TM), and customization of Content Management System (CMS) workflows must all be considered as part of a comprehensive Globalization program. Translators who specialize in high-value marketing communications and accuracy-demanding content will always be in high demand, and an essential piece to the puzzle. Suppliers who bring manage these dynamics most effectively for their clients will thrive and lead in the future.

Additional resources on language translation services

GPI has provided extensive language translation services including document translation, website translation and software translation. GPI has developed a user-friendly translation portal that makes it extremely easy for non-technical users in these industries to submit projects for translation.

You will find the links below to some of our blogs on translation and tools highly useful:

You may contact GPI for translation services requirement at or at 866-272-5874 with your specific questions about this market and your project goals. You may also request a complimentary Translation Quote for your project as well.

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Daniela has over 16 years' experience in the translation, localization and language instruction professions. She holds a degree in Sworn, Literary, Technical, and Scientific Translation from the Instituto Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Olga Cossettini in Rosario, Argentina. Starting her career as a translator for English-Spanish/Spanish-English in 1990 over the years she has worked for several Localization Agencies as a translator, assistant project manager and senior project manager. She has completed a wide range of professional certifications in document and website localization with emphasis on translation, budgeting, quality control and project management including The Localization Institute’s Triple Certification in Localization Project Management (Localization Institute Chico, CA, USA). She has managed a wide variety of document, website, software and audio-video localization projects utilizing different Translation Management Systems (TMS), Translation Memory (TM) and I18n and L10n tool suites.